Evening of Indulgence

Would you like exclusive access to a therapist in your chalet for the whole evening?

Morzine Massage is offering a special price of 215 for one therapist for an entire evening!

Its simple, just choose the day, time and therapist and we will do the rest! Your chosen Sports therapist will come to your accommodation for 31/2 hours**

Once your therapist arrives, stipulate the room you would like the therapist to use for the duration of the treatments. Decide how many of you would like a massage and split the time however it suits you. For example:

3 of you may like 70 minutes each or 
4 of you may like 50 minutes each or 
5 of you may choose 40 minutes each or
2 of you may like an hour each and 2 of you may like 45 minutes each

This special offer is available when pre-booked, where you will be given a booking code and is subject to availability.

Each individual client can choose either a Deep Tissue Massage or a Relaxation Massage or a Reflexology treatment*
*Please note Bev Fentiman will have to be selected if you would like Reflexology treatment
** Full payment will be collected by your therapist at the beginning of the evening and the therapist will stay in one room for the duration of the treatments.